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 Darkness swept across the small village where Herogirl home was. She was too scared to go out, the red eyes stared at her through the window. Her parents grabbed her and her brother, "we have to go NOW" her mom yelled in fear than The door shut on her parents while she and her brother fell to the ground, Herogirl screamed in fear yelling for their parents but nothing.

Herogirl wake up screaming, Timmy and Danny came running in the room to settle her down.

"It's another nightmare Herogirl it's not real ok" said Danny "then why do I keep dreaming about it WHY"

"I don't know but let's go down and eat something ok," said Danny

"Ok." Herogirl said as she went down stairs, then everyone screamed happy birthday, she was surprised. Timmy walked up to her and gave her a present,

"Thank u" Herogirl said as she smiled at him "now let's get some cake"

Later that day

Herogirl sat on the bed looking at the presents her friends gave her, then she saw something glowing in her closet, she opened the closet and found a note, it was a present from her parents, for her 15th birthday. She opened the presents, there was a note next to the gift, the note said

Dear Herogirl hope you like the presents your dad and me gave you it...we'll oh and keep it a secret this is a special present. She unwrapped the gift and put it around her neck.

"Herogirl com down Raph has something for u" said Danny.

She ran down stairs in a hurry "what is it" she said, Raph gave her the presents she opened it

"Oh how sweet Raph I love it" she put it on her hand

"Now Herogirl this keeps you safe if anything evil touches u ZAP?

That thing goes out like a light," said Danny. The door slammed open "Timmy and Dylan came running in

"What is it?" said Herogirl

"It’s nothing. Raph, Timmy, and Leo get Herogirl out of here get her to the basement, to the secret room" said Timmy in a strange voice. Leo and Raph ran down stairs with Herogirl,

"What’s going on" Herogirl said in a scared voice

"It’s nothing just stay calm ok" said Raph

"Ok" Herogirl said as she sat down against an old door for an hour.

She sat there wondering what going on, then the door opened, a black shadow came down the stairs, and then It began to form a shape it was Timmy.

"Where's Dylan?" Herogirl said

"He’s upstairs grading the door," said Timmy. 7:00pm Timmy went up stairs to tell Dylan to come down. Herogirl woke up, then Dylan ran down the stairs.

"Everyone gets up there coming," said Dylan. Herogirl got up and looked around, she saw the door from earlier, Herogirl opened the door and everyone ran in, she slammed the door then fell down two steps

"Shhh be quite everyone," said Dylan

"Hay where is Timmy," said Dylan but no one answered then the door opened.

They all backed up, the shadow began to shape a figure "its Timmy" Herogirl ran up to him, then he fell on her

"Someone come quickly its Timmy," said Herogirl. He was in so much pain his arms and legs were scratched and his face had scares all over him. Herogirl dragged him over to the steps

"Someone please help me" Dylan ran up the stairs,

"Grabbed his feet,” said Herogirl, the door slowly opened to the basement, Herogirl shut the door as fast as she could

"Hurry put him down slowly," said Herogirl. She ran over to an old area it said for wounded people only, she grabbed as many as she could and ran back to Timmy.

An hour passed and he finally woke up

"Hay what happened and how I get here," Timmy said in a tired voice

"We had to drag u down the steps, but we still don't know how you got those scares," said Dylan.

"What I remember was going up stars to find something, then someone grabbed me and hit me 18 times we'll I don't really know what happened after that" said Timmy

"We’ll all of us need sleep," said Herogirl.

The next morning everyone got up to see they were surrounded by strange people, then they began to say something to Herogirl but they couldn't make out the words.

"We speak English can you" said Dylan in a slow voice

"We can speak English...we can speak any language" said a tall and skinny woman. 
"Can we come with you" said Timmy

"Yes you can come with us...follow me" said the woman.

"What’s your name" Herogirl said as she taps her

"my name is Adie"

"Cool name...but I never heard of a name like that before" said Herogirl "here we are...minedora" said Adie

"What happened it's so quiet," said Herogirl

"we used to live up where you live, but the shadows forced us down here, an evil shadow called Vladimir and his minions dark minions, killed off most of our people, now we live here to not go up on the surface and be killed once again." said Adie

"What about you, why are you here" said Adie

"my parent's was killed by the darkness to I...I saw my mom and dad killed being dragged out the door me and my brother where scared then we saw HIM and a strange person with him looked" said Herogirl as she began to cry.

Raph yelled at everyone to come here. The people were surrounded Raph and Leo while the people were screaming and yelling for fear saying

"Help us help us" Adie silenced the people of minedora. They all looked at her and Herogirl’s friends behind her.

"The chosen one" the people said to Herogirl

"They want you to save them from the evil one," said Adie

"I’ll bring you a young man who can kill anything in his way, his name is Steve. He will protect you and you're friends now go, go and save are world and yours to before its two late oh and find a man in minecraftian he will help you his name is herobrine Good Luck" said Adie

Later that night

"I’m so hungry, I’m so tired, where's mommy?"Said Timmy "omg shut up already Timmy you are so annoying, by the way we’re almost there if I’m right" said Herogirl

"Welcome, welcome to minecraftian would you like a cup of tea," said a strange man

"No thanks oh um do you know a man name herobrine he can..." Herogirl said but the man interrupted her "no, no one must go there he isn't happy right go, go now leave this place"

"What’s his problem?" said Timmy

"I don't know but follow me" Herogirl said as she ran "hay wait up” Said Raph Herogirl was running so fast she ran into a man the man looked at her and she looked back.

Then he said "are you ok, and what are you doing here"

"I’m looking for a man name Herobrine," Herogirl said as her friends ran up to her.

"Why that's me, follow now" herobrine said

"You have come a long way from home young woman, now what is it you want" said herobrine in a nice tone

"See me and friends came to see if you can help us on our journey see we are going to kill the evil one,” said Herogirl but then she was interrupted by herobrine

"NO, NO, no not doing know how many people have died from trying to kill this evil spirit he cannot be stopped no LEAVE, LEAVE NOW” said herobrine in a mad voice

"b...but if you don't help us the whole world is over please help us please it's a matter of time please" Herogirl said trying to convince him to join, so he did, he got Herogirl and her friends in shape to kill and survive.

He had shown them how to use a spirit-killing knife. Day and night, he taught them, he thought Herogirl more than she could know later that day Herobrine got his army and left the village to kill the evil spirit Vladimir.

"Hay what's that around your neck" said herobrine

"It’s nothing can we keep going" Herogirl did not want anyone to know about the necklace. Later that night herobrine came and sat with Herogirl

"please tell me what's around your neck Herogirl I promise I won't tell anyone” said Herobrine

"Fine, my parents gave me this for my 15th birthday they told me not to tell anyone"

"May I see it” said herobrine, Herogirl shown him the necklace.

Then they finally fell asleep. Herogirl woke up first, she crawled over to Herobrine and woke him up hay we have to go wake up everyone else. Raph was in the back of the line with Leo then all of a sudden, someone grabbed them both, Herogirl turned around

"Raph, Leo where are you two, ok stop playing tricks you guys." Herogirl stopped for a moment then the ground started to shake. Everyone stopped then finally the ground clasped, and everyone fell but Dylan and Timmy was the only two that did not fall. Herogirl looked up then she saw two dark and sharp hands grabbed her and the army.

Herogirl wake up to see Raph and Leo next to her. A man walked up to her and put his arms through the bar's and said

"I’m am the one and only Vladimir and you look like you're mother Herogirl" said Vladimir as he holds Herogirl’s hands

"let me go, what do you want from me" Herogirl looked at him than a flashback came in her mind it was her older brother, the one she never knew about but her parents told her stories about him.

"I want the necklace sister, that necklace will give me power that you don't know how to use the power's young sister or should I say princess," Vladimir said in a smile

"What? No, no, no I’m not a princess" her anger made the necklace shines. Dylan and Timmy keeps on walking until they fell to the ground into a cave, they walked until they saw Herogirl and the necklace glowing so bright it somehow opened the cage she walked out and told her brother to stop the madness. Her brother got up and ran to a dark spot.

Dylan and Timmy ran to the cages to let everyone out Leo woke up first but Raph was unconscious

"Raph's not responding please help quickly” said Leo as he started to cry Herogirl walked up to Vladimir and put her hands out then shadows came out of the wall's. Everyone started to attack Herogirl than started to walk back to her older brother

"You killed are family why you kill are family Vladimir why"

"because of you and your little brother came along but I told mom and dad no sister or brother but no they didn't listen to me so I decided to kill you and your brother but mom and dad didn't want that to happen so I killed them first." said Vladimir

"No, no" Herogirl then shined so bright her brother and the spirits began to fade away her brother then yelled

"No it's, it's not possible Noooo?" he then fell to the ground while Leo ran to catch Herogirl. Leo looked at her and said

"it is over it is finally over friend.” as Herogirl closed her eyes.

Herogirl woke up in the hospital she looked around to see Vladimir and Raph on the beds

"Wow your finally awake Herogirl," said Herobrine

"How long was I out?"

"For three weeks now get some sleep “said Herobrine

A month later

Herogirl ran down the steps with Herobrine and said

"hey you guys guess what Vladimir and Raphael are back." that night Herogirl had a party to celebrate then Leo and Raph looked to see three people walking it was their two brothers and their father, Herogirl could see another one it was her brother she lost a long time ago.

The End


Last one for today.
Enjoy :)
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